Passionate Educators

Hi, this is Mrs Loh (Peiwen), founder of Mrs Loh Learning Place. I was trained to be a professional accountant and I have a Bachelor Degree in Accountancy. I started giving tuition to support myself financially during my undergraduate years and continued teaching as a part-time tutor even when I started working on a professional job. It was the passion and interest in teaching that motivates me despite the tiring schedule.  Almost 8 years ago, I pursued my passion, embarked on a career change and ventured into this fulfilling career as a full time tutor. I founded Mrs Loh Learning Place in 2015. With my team, we specialise in coaching subjects at secondary level.


Our mission at MRS LOH LEARNING PLACE is to nourish the curious minds and inspire them to keep learning. Learning is developing the capacity to question the problems and not just knowing the solutions.  

We believe that every student is different and every student has different learning needs. Our team goes above and beyond to cater to each student's learning needs. For over 15 years, we not only provide the necessary guidance and knowledge to help our students excel academically, we also motivate our students to become self-directed learners who reflect, persevere and take on responsibility for their own learning. 


Our success story comes from our students. We are not successful until they are successful.